Is sport betting the same as gambling?

Gambling is a much broader term that can include slot machines, casino games, and table games. Basically, most things that put something at risk by chance or because of an uncertain fact can be called gambling. Betting is a more specific term. It is the physical act of placing a bet on an event with predefined possibilities or odds.

Sports betting is a form of gambling and, as with all forms of gambling, it is essential to take precautions to avoid harm. Sports betting is not gambling because you can know the result more than 50% of the time and, in the long run, you can win money against the “house”. Draft Kings and Fan Duel didn't agree that the fantasy sports that were played on a daily basis were considered gambling, and both companies raised a lot of money to defend themselves and get fantasy sports reclassified as games of skill. This means that roughly half of the United States will likely have legalized sports betting in the next 12 months.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court stated that individual states should decide whether to offer sports betting or not. I think that shows, at least indirectly, that sports betting is part of a classification in and of itself and does not belong to the same family as casino games based on house advantage, which the player cannot overcome in the long term. Recent technological advances have allowed sports betting to be offered through multiple platforms (mobile applications, online sites, etc. Due to the previous performance, history and winning rate of the teams they bet on), bettors know the real result of the bets placed.

It's important to remember that playing while drunk is always a bad bet and can be a risk factor for gambling problems, such as overspending or regretting big bets that were placed under the influence of alcohol. Learn more about the different forms of sports betting and the potential risks, recent expansions, and tips for making informed decisions about your game.

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